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Outlet Shopping Tips

Check out our top outlet shopping tips before your next outlet shopping adventure. They'll help you save time and money and make your outlet shopping experience even more enjoyable!

1. Do your research. Consult to find outlet centers near where you live or you're planning to travel and to locate the outlet stores for your favorite brands.

2. Look for mall offers. Access the outlet centers' websites for details on sales, events and special offers.

3. Plan your trip. Print out the center map and highlight the stores on your Must Shop List. Then create a plan including where to park, the most efficient route through the center, and even where to stop for coffee, lunch or the restroom

4. Time your trip to maximize shopping time. Avoid weekend afternoons if possible. Try shopping at the outlets in the morning or evenings, when it's usually less crowded, but check operating hours in advance as some hours vary by season.

5. Become a CLIENT. When you find a salesperson who provides you with good service, make a personal connection and ask if they can add you to their client list. Most companies encourage their sales team to develop a clientele, and that can lead to advance notice of special offers and a personal shopper at the other end of your phone or email!

6. The BEST tip of all - Sign up for savings. Seek out and join the frequent shopper and loyalty programs offered by most outlet centers. Join the outlet stores' loyalty programs - and here's the best part- create a dedicated, free email address in Gmail or Yahoo and use that for all of your program memberships. That way your Inbox won't be inundated with emails, and you'll have them all in a single place. The discounts and specials offered through these programs are fantastic, so take advantage!

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